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Tony Blauer and the SPEAR System™

Kim Maloy


I am a Personal Defense Readiness Coach™ and a CrossFit Defense Coach™ certified through Blauer Tactical Systems and am one of approximately 20 coaches worldwide that are currently on Coach Blauer's Mobile Training Team. As a member of the Mobile Training Team, I travel all over the United States for Blauer Tactical Systems, teaching and certifying people to teach students the SPEAR System. I am a CrossFit_Level 1 Trainer, a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, an ACE Health Coach and owner of Triune Total Body Defense

I started my own health & fitness journey in January 2010 and have overcome hurdles I never thought possible. Fitness is more than just reaching a number on the scale, it's is about learning how to LIVE life again, enjoying activities you only dreamed of, and feeling good about yourself.

I became a personal trainer & health coach so I could pass on what I learned to those struggling to lose weight & get healthier, but there was something missing.

 As a police officer’s wife of 17 years I heard the stories of attacks, abuse and victimization people suffered daily. I felt helpless to do anything about this situation until my husband introduced me to the PDR™ coaching certification training through Blauer Tactical Systems. 

As a Certified Personal Defense Readiness Coach™ I am one of many worldwide coaches teaching PDR™ to individuals and communities. As a PDR Coach™, I now have the knowledge & tools to teach people, of any age, a realistic street defense course that will enable them to avoid attack or to protect themselves if someone decides to try to make them or their loved ones a victim.

PDR™ is based on the SPEAR system™ and is core to my own and my husband's defensive tactics and personal safety. I have come to the conclusion that PDR™ is the most effective and responsible personal protection system in the world, and the only system that unites all of us through human physiologically based methods.

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Daniel Maloy

I am a Personal Defense Readiness Coach™ certified through Blauer Tactical Systems and have over 18 years of experience as a law enforcement officer and have been a violent crimes detective in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Over my years as a police officer, I have investigated all kinds of crimes, dealt with all kinds of situations and gained a wealth of experience and training. I completed Officer Survival, Officer Survival Instructor and The Bulletproof Warrior training over the years along with other training.  My goal throughout those years has always been to make the world safer. 

I have always had a interest in self defense, studying boxing and kenpo karate along with the defensive tactics training that I received over the years as a police officer. I was frustrated with much of the training because it involved complex movements that took years of repeated, continuous training to become and remain proficient at. I also discovered that whenever I was involved in a violent confrontation on the streets, I did not perform the defensive tactics moves that I have been trained in but reverted to my instincts. When I came across the SPEAR system™ for law enforcement officers that was developed by Tony Blauer, I was amazed by how revolutionary it was since it was based on what the human body instinctively does to protect itself. It was the first time that I had ever found a system that was based on gross motor skills and that did not have a complex set of movements that had to be completed in a specific order. It launched me into a study of what was being taught to law enforcement officers and military personnel by Blauer Tactical Systems™ and eventually led me to seek to become certified to teach the SPEAR system™ to civilians as well.

Over the years, I have come to realize that my fellow officers and I usually did not arrive at the scene of a crime until the crime was over and were therefore usually limited in our ability to keep people safe, because we could not be everywhere at the same time. I have come to the conclusion that I can keep people safer by sharing my knowledge and experience with as many people as possible so that they can defend themselves and others than I can by remaining as a police officer. I have determined to devote myself from this point on to reaching and training as many people as possible in the SPEAR system™.

Our Mission

Triune Defense will equip and empower men & women to live life more fully and open doors that they previously thought were closed and to confidently handle any situation encountered. We will pursue this vision by offering cutting edge personal defense training and fear management counseling as well as fitness training,. These men & women will exude confidence and begin to pursue their dreams unhindered. 

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